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Hey all typical 17 year old boy [names jeffrey] personality hmmm [loves friends ,family ,does not hold grudges ,hates having enemies ,can be childish at times =D(haha) loves the outdoors] hobbies [taking nature view photos ,being near nature, swimming(once in a while)=0= loves to sing (not that gud)] past times [hanging out with friends ,and just having fun =D]

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ahahaha just came back from laundry sooo fun .... The new friends i made here are so funny and we get along well together . This is the end of the second week and it feels like we have been here forever . Classes resume tomorrow...... I don't want to ahhh i love my weekendsssssss ....... (in case anyone doesn't know the day, its Sunday today for me 23 of Jan ) To you guys back at home how are you all doing ? I want to hear from you guys !!!!!! miss you lots hope you can drop by and say hi in the blog !!!!! Should i get FACEBOOK serious question ?????

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