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Hey all typical 17 year old boy [names jeffrey] personality hmmm [loves friends ,family ,does not hold grudges ,hates having enemies ,can be childish at times =D(haha) loves the outdoors] hobbies [taking nature view photos ,being near nature, swimming(once in a while)=0= loves to sing (not that gud)] past times [hanging out with friends ,and just having fun =D]

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow i haven't blog in a long time . Well here are some items to highlight .

1 To zoo tycoon 2 fans . The franchise is not dead yet its getting a make over yes

2 I am officially going to kill myself one day .... (emo)

3 Schools the same as ever , but this year will be the last year kinda sad

4 Yes i come here once every month hahaha ..... might close this blog maybe ... who knows
5 I want a puppy preferably a golden retriever or any breed will do ... so anyone having a spare give me !!!!!! preferably in good condition .

6 I want a million bucks so rich people like so..... and so...... GIVE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!

7 I am obssesed with this lab top the key pad is so nice hahaha . i can stay here just touching the key pad for half and hour .

8 To my beloved cousins and friends i love you all so much !!!!!!! So please forgive me if i am annoying .

9 I crave attention ... Give me !!!!!!!

10 To my beloved i love you .....

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