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Hey all typical 17 year old boy [names jeffrey] personality hmmm [loves friends ,family ,does not hold grudges ,hates having enemies ,can be childish at times =D(haha) loves the outdoors] hobbies [taking nature view photos ,being near nature, swimming(once in a while)=0= loves to sing (not that gud)] past times [hanging out with friends ,and just having fun =D]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15 Oct 09

Today is the first day of the deepavali holidays so...............

HAPPY DEEPAVALI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well history nothing much happened


Haha today was funny sir came to teach edwin i waited .....

SIR: Understand already

EDWIN : ah yes

ME : This question wants to find 3 or 1

SIR: talks to edwin Ummm so this one .........

ME: bu cai wo .... xuan liao .... (emotionless)

SIR : Look at me one kind and laugh

Well writing it its not that funny ==


What can i say total boredom -0-


WOW !!!!!!!! SO INTERESTING !!!!!!!!!!! (yawn)

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